[_Social Media Manager.]

We are looking for a Social Media Manager with a strong background in marketing, communications or a related field. You will be responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring Hivemind's social media strategy. 

Preference is given to women and people of minority groups with equal qualifications.

Note that this is a permanent position, no contractors.

Who We Are

At Hivemind, we cherish a culture of openness, diversity, respect and mutual trust. We believe in kindness and the collaborative pursuit of knowledge. We welcome people who share our progressive values and support improvements of human interaction, fairness and sustainability – on all levels.

We want to create not only a highly productive setting for people but also a healthy one. This is why we don’t want anyone to work more than 38 hours a week (maximum) at Hivemind. We want to create a supportive and nurturing environment for our team. We want to empower you to live up to your potential. We also want you to have enough space for your personal and family life.

We strive to only empower companies who conduct their business according to our values: fairly, ethically, sustainably and humanly. We don’t do fossil fuels, defense, or surveillance.

This job is part-time, hours depending on what we agree on.

We would love to work with you, if you…

  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills in German and English
  • Have experience with social media management tools and analytics
  • Are willing to learn about technical topics related to our projects
  • Have experience with content management
  • Have experience with media design, image and video editing
  • Have networking experience (LinkedIn, Twitter, conferences)
  • Thrive in small, dynamic, and diverse teams
  • Are a citizen of the EU/EEA/U.K. or have a work permit
  • Consider yourself a genuinely kind and friendly person
  • Want a actual life besides your job
  • Live in Berlin

A plus

  • Basic knowledge of Cloud Technologies or Programming
  • Experience in Technical Writing

What we offer you

By joining Hivemind, you will work in an international team, distributed across Europe and an admin team based in Berlin. We don't micromanage or enforce rigid work hours. Instead we encourage self-organisation and self-determination. We want our work to fit  into our personal lives, hobbies and families. Family and especially children always come first. We also understand that not everyone is always at their best and try to accommodate times in our lives when we may need more time for ourselves.

We work together to provide everyone at Hivemind with a better life. We don’t live to work. We embrace different genders and life choices and are violently opposed to racism, homophobia, or sexism. We offer you an environment where everyone is welcome.


  • Choice of equipment (Mac or Linux)
  • Paid conferences / workshops
  • Paid Co-Working-Space (if needed)
  • Regular on-site meetings
  • Flexible working arrangements 
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • We don’t do overtime
  • A job that marries well with your life
  • part time
  • transparent non-negotiable wage scales from junior to principal


We have a 3 stage hiring process

1. Interview with the 2 directors to get to know one another If both sides want to continue you get a tech challenge to do in your own time within more or less 2 weeks.

2. Interview with a few people who work at Hivemind to check whether what we promised in stage 1 is actually true :) and maybe answer questions about the tech challenge

3. Takes place when you’ve finished the challenge. It’s an interview with people from the team to have a look at your solution together to test how we could work together and how you handle feedback.

Send your resume to jobs@hivemindtechnologies.com