We offer the full spectrum of expert services for our customers – from planning, consulting and training to providing cloud-native, cost efficient infrastructure and software solutions for your projects.

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The pace of technological advancement and innovation is ever increasing, with seismic events shaking up entire industries - be it driven by products such as smartphones and electric vehicles or societal events such as COVID-19. Business face unprecedented challenges in a world that is constantly changing.

This puts immense pressure on business operations and corporate IT. Applications and Infrastructure must be flexible enough to adapt to new requirements quickly. Scalability is key for expansion and growth while keeping operational costs within reasonable limits.

IT systems and applications over the years often grow to a high level of complexity, built as a single unit with many non-transparent and intertwined dependencies. Modernising or even eliminating legacy systems can be painful. We will help you find the best solution for your needs, to migrate your monolithic IT system to modern microservices and serverless architectures safely and smoothly.  We help your organisation plan and execute migration and modernisation projects with fast feedback loops, controlled transitions and happy customers.

migrate your monolithic IT system to modern microservices and serverless architectures safely and smoothly

_No Bullsh*t        

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It's all in the approach: Thoroughly implementing the DevOps mindset, adopting feedback-first test driven implementation and cutting waste. There's no magic to it - you don't need the fabled 10x rockstar ninja developers either. 

The approach is the key to success. This means that we radically cut the BS out of software development. Unnecessary bureaucracy and ceremony and the pursuit of fancy anticipatory implementations are waste that jeopardise fast feedback cycles and high quality, simple and robust software delivery.

We believe in sharing knowledge: We support your team with all essential expertise throughout the entire development cycle. We help you boost your team's skillset with lean and practical trainings delivered by experts. We like to help you establish a culture of ownership and anchor the DevOps mindset within your own team, empowering them to not only develop better quality software but also shorten development and deployment cycles and improve collaboration between all those involved. 

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Whether you are starting a new project, anticipating a spike in orders or preparing yourself and your team for the next big step of your business: We support you with our experience to ensure your project is successful. We also offer architecture and code audits and help you identify potential pitfalls or areas for improvement in your systems. 

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Cloud Migration

Break free from rigid and high-maintenance on-premise IT systems. We help you find a cloud solution that suits your needs and budget. After a thorough analysis of your current system, we develop a cost-efficient migration plan in close cooperation with you, so that your system can scale dynamically with your business. 

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Safely and smoothly migrating your monolithic IT systems to modern microservice and serverless architectures is what we do. We see the entire team's involvement as a decisive factor for success, training and motivating them for this new challenge. We offer the required workshops and support with development to prepare your company for the transition to empowered DevOps minded development teams. 

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Customised software solutions

Do you have a business idea but lack the technical knowledge to implement it? Do you need an external team of developers in a fresh and agile environment for your new venture? We support you with our experienced developers in a variety of scenarios. In doing so, we use state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality software on which you can build in the long term. 

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Big Data

Big data architectures hold enormous potential. We help you to build complex next-generation data platforms. You can benefit from our almost decade-long experience in developing streaming data pipelines, production-ready machine learning operations and data analytics in cloud environments. 

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We support your team with all essential expertise. We provide training for your team, e.g. to help them find their way around your new cloud environment. Our trainings also offer deep insights into functional programming, cloud infrastructure and how to use the DevOps approach. 

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