We are a software engineering consultancy with a conscience. As an international collective of veteran software engineers, we want to challenge not only the status quo of software development but of working life itself.

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[_Tech with a conscience.]

We are a company with a clear conscience. We choose our customers cautiously: No fossil fuels, no military, no surveillance industries. Our offices are, of course, fully powered by green electricity. 

At Hivemind, we cherish the richness that can arise from cultivating a diverse, humane culture of openness, respect and mutual trust. We are kind. We are respectful. We are Mentors and Mentees. And most important: We trust our employees. We want to create supportive and nurturing environments for our team. We welcome people who share our values and support improvements of human interaction, fairness and sustainability – on all levels.

We want to create not only a highly productive setting for people but also a healthy one. This is why we don’t want anyone to work more than 38 hours a week (maximum) at Hivemind. We want to empower our employees to live up to their potential. We also want them to have enough space for their private and family life. Everyone is entitled to choose how much they want to work. We see this as a basic right. 

Raised Fist

[_thinking outside the box.]

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In software engineering, finding the best solution for a problem often requires thinking outside the box and viewing things from different angles. This is why we see software developers as artisans rather than just engineers. Our goal at Hivemind is to provide a vital environment which helps to unlock the brainpower and creativity we need to solve hard problems and excel at our work.

Continuous improvement, seeking out advancement of our skills and knowledge is a very important and driving factor at Hivemind. We're thriving for excellence and purity without having an orthodox but common sense approach to software development.

We use methodologies that serve this approach, extreme programming, fast feedback cycles, interdisciplinary teams and controlling the entire development chain from specification all the way to production. The DevOps mindset is the non-negotiable mindset at Hivemind: Delivering software in small increments, with infrastructure engineers and software developers working together with stakeholders and designers in one joint team.

State of the art software engineering, consulting & developing: A full spectrum of expert services for our customers.

[_No Bullshit.] 

Our working approach directly translates into our work values. With our strict and non-negotiable "no bullshit" approach, we‘re keeping things as simple and functional as possible. Instead of working off top-down specifications that won‘t make sense, we build and scale our projects from the bottom up. This helps us avoid unnecessary detours and extra hours.

We believe in the power of simplicity and conciseness. We write software in the simplest and purest way possible – because in simplicity lies robustness. We strive to achieve the zenith of pure functional programming. Our approach is: keep things simple while getting stuff done. We thrive best amongst flat and agile structures. We develop and scale everything from bottom up, using the newest technologies to accelerate development and build quality software that’s scalable and persistent. 

We also believe in sharing of knowledge. We support open technologies and reliable standards. We also like to help our customers to establish a culture of ownership and anchoring the DevOps mindset within their own team, empowering them to not only develop better quality software but shorten development and deployment cycles and improve the collaboration between all involved teams. Explore the power of modern agile software development with deep dives into functional programming, cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices. 

Keep It Simple